Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Fakeout

The Adventures Of The Walking Box from Joey D. on Vimeo.

a.k.a. "Part 1: The Fakeout". This was basically created to fakeout my girlfriend into thinking that this was a student film I made in college. It's based on an idea that I did in high school that she really liked. In reality it was all a setup to totally blindside her with Part 2: "The Proposal". Please enjoy the adventures of the walking box as he wanders aimlessly all around Chicago on a quest to find happiness...

Special thanks to Mito Habe-Evans for helping me film this. Check out her site at: harshbarge.com
Also thanks to Marco Morales for helping with the final audio mix: djmarcomorales.com

windy city roller

3-D viewmaster

FUEL.TV interview

Joey D: Mtn Dew's Green Label Experience, Chicago